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Why We Exist

We exist to build healthier Indigenous economies and communities.  


For past, present and future generations, colonial solutions cannot address colonial problems. 

Indigenous (in)powered solutions can. 


SISELE reimagines, and brings to life, business as economic (re)matriation – mindful always of the footprints we leave, we strive to bring Indigenous thrivance and balance home. 




Who We Are

What We Do

Why We Exist

Financing Options

What We Do 

We serve all Indigenous Communities in Canada by seeking and packaging business options and bank financing solutions to create meaningful economic development projects that Communities can own. 

With the right structure and funding, each business initiative that we curate can be purposeful, bankable and sustainable. 

All can (in)power Indigenous communities with wellbeing and meaningful income – a continual exchange of energy and purpose.


Who We Are

We are a group of people who share a vision for Indigenous self-determined (in)powerment and thrivance.

We are committed to respectfully engage and radically listen to the voices of Indigenous peoples in search of better ways for all.  

We seek like-minded financial leaders to join us and provide Indigenous Communities in Canada with opportunity financing for business options.


We Package Financing With Economic Opportunities

' bringing value to Nations and valuing Nations first ' 

While we are growing every day, Sísele's current economic offerings are the following. Each has conditional pre-approved financing** or available funding* options: 

  • NationBUILD - bringing financial solutions to housing and development projects

    • Modular Housing**

    • Land Developments**

  • NationGROW - supporting communities’ food sovereignty to grow fresh produce year-round 

    • Modular GrowPods**

  • NationGREEN - setting up cannabis cultivation facilities as profitable own-source revenue

    • Modular Micro Cannabis Cultivation Facility**

  • NationCONNECT - enhancing internet connectivity for rural and remote communities

    • Wireless High-Speed (50/10) Internet for Rural and Remote Communities*

  • NationLEARNS - supporting communities to spread the knowledge and wisdom that matters to them

    • Virtual Education IT Platform*

  • NationFUEL - reducing communities' cost of fuel and introducing alternate fuels

    • Discount Commercial Fuel Supply - no financing required

  • NationSTATION - creating community retail markets 

    • Modular Micro Fueling Stations (with micro food store) **  -

    • Macro Retail Hubs and Fueling Stations (with macro food and service stores)*

  • NationCLEAN - restoring communities’ access to clean drinking water

    • Modular Clean Water Facility*

  • NationRENEWABLES - creating cleaner, greener community infrastructure

    • Green Waste to Energy Facility**

  • NationENERGY - Creating cleaner, greener fuels​​

    • Modular cleaner fuel solutions​

  • NationSERVICES - capturing revenues for providing community services

    • Waste Disposal Operations**