Geena Jackson

Geena is a proud member of the Shíshálh (Sechelt) Nation.

As a passionate advocate for Indigenous Rights, Geena has worked with the Squamish Nation for 13 years. She was the Economic Development Officer, leading in procurement, partnerships and relationship building with industry for Major Capital Projects. She also managed the Squamish Nation Trust where she assisted the development of over 500 Indigenous businesses with Squamish Nation member entrepreneurs. Geena is especially proud to have 6 of her Squamish Nation Businesses win the BC Indigenous Achievement Awards in the last 6 years.

Geena is passionate about initiatives to benefit First Nation Communities including increased housing, food sustainability, water purity, and opportunities for economic growth. She also supports initiatives such as Right to Play, teaching Indigenous youth life skills, and Live Different, an organization that provides assistance and education to assist with youth suicide prevention in First Nation Communities. These initiatives create positive life changing impacts in Indigenous lives.

Geena has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting Indigenous initiatives, such as The Residential Day Scholars fundraiser, the Squamish Nation annual Trades Centre Fundraiser, and the Vancouver Indigenous Film Festival.